For Farmers

Well water level indicator

Make your water visible

For the first time, see inside your dug wells and bore wells. Monitor their recoup rates and water height in all seasons.

Reduce electricity, diesel bills

Calculate the ideal duration for running the pump for your farm and ensure optimal operation. Track efficiency and pumping rate.

Reduce electricity bill pump
Data driven crop plan

Create data driven crop plans

Get real time and seasonal data for your water sources and plan your crops accordingly. Track what’s happening at your farm from anywhere.

Use ground water responsibly

Be aware of ground water levels, year round. Measure the impact of your water harvesting efforts. Plan your crops accordingly.

Grondwater level indicator

Economical and Innovative

Behind the simple, easy to use WaterApp lies a network of powerful IoT Sensors that are installed into your wells, bore wells and tanks. The sensors send data and alerts to your phone via the cloud.

Water level for farmers

Water Warriors Share their Experience with WaterApp

sharad parulekar

Amazing Technology

With WaterApp I can gauge the occupancy and water situation of my resort from anywhere. It has freed up my time considerably.

Sharad Parulekar

Owner, Gaaz Resort, Goa.
Sushant Raj

Brilliant IoT

WaterApp shows all level, energy, flow info on a single platform. This is ground breaking technology

Sushant Raj

Groundwater Researcher, Adarsh Foundation, Pune.

No more Overflows!

I love WaterApp! It’s very simple to use and helped us to control our overflows and ceiling leakages.

Supriya Kotnis

Owner, Aster Court Bungalow, Pune

Zero Tankers

From a requirement of 6-7 tankers daily, our society went down to zero tankers!! No water cuts, just smarter management. Kudos to the WaterApp team!

Abhijit Patil

MC Member, Solitaire Residency, Pune

Two Tankers Saved Daily

Thanks to WaterApp, I could increase my bore well yield and reduce my tanker requirements.

Anil Pednekar

Director, Auto Precision Industries, Mumbai

Reliable Technology

I do not have to depend on unreliable staff as I can see all water info on my phone. All our water emergencies have ended since we got WaterApp.

Rohit Rajguru

Supervisor, Kapil Tranquil Greens Hsg Soc, Pune.

Hi-Tech Water Management

Finally, hi-tech water management technology has come to the residential sector. WaterApp has made our water management very simple and we are waiting for their smart automation system to be released.

Suresh Kulkarni

MC member, Albacitta Housing Society, Pune

Easy Install

  • We study your water configuration
  • Tanks, Pipes, Pumps
  • We present our quote
  • Suitable payment option
  • No downtime
  • No pipe cutting
  • We commission your WaterApp
  • We configure appropriate access

It is Time for Each of Us to Become a Water Warrior.
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