What kind of benefits can I expect from WaterApp?

Some benefits of WaterApp include:

  • Visibility into relevant water data: usage, volume, historical and current
  • Real time info
  • Critical alerts
  • Visibility into your water configuration:  tanks, their location, their purpose
  • Remote monitoring
  • Water usage trends  (e.g. water consumed this month vs. past month)

We have found that when it comes to water management, one location is very different from another. Once people get onto WaterApp, they devise their own uses for the data and alerts provided so as to meet their water needs.

How accurate is WaterApp?

The WaterApp sensor has an accuracy of over 95%. For critical operations, we also have some sensor models that can give even better accuracy.

How often does it send data?

It depends on how quickly your water levels are changing. Even if levels haven’t changed, you will get a reading at least once in every half hour. We use complex algorithms to make sure user always has the latest water level data and that the network usage is also optimized. 

How many people in my society/ organization can get access to WaterApp?

As many as you like; access to WaterApp can be configured as per your requirement. We give access based on your instructions.

Can it call my caretaker’s phone when the water level becomes critical?

Yes. This feature to send an SMS or a make a phone call for critical alerts will be available soon.

Can my caretaker/ security guard use WaterApp?

Yes. The app uses images to convey information and has been designed to be used by people with zero formal education also.

Can I switch my pump ON/ OFF from WaterApp?

Yes. This feature to switch pump ON/OFF from WaterApp has been scheduled in our beta version.

What kind of alerts can I expect?

WaterApp sends alerts for water levels being low, critical and overflow. Based on user’s preferences, we are also building features to send alerts for events such as corporation water started/ stopped, tanker water started/ stopped, pumping started/ stopped, daily water used, leakage detected etc.


I already have an automatic pump system installed. Do I still need WaterApp?

Yes. 80% of our customers already have automatic pumping system installed. WaterApp helps them to:

  • Monitor tanks where pumping cannot be automated; typically the sump tanks which receive corporation water are not automated which results in water wastage due to overflows.
  • Maximize corporation supply. WaterApp helps the caretaker to keep a tab on the drinking water tank filling up, after which he can divert the supply to the utilities tank. This is not possible with automation.
  • Societies with water scarcity regulate the volume of water received by each tower.  They can see the volume of water used by each tower (daily, weekly and monthly).
  • With power irregularities, automation does not work reliably. WaterApp is used by Managing Committee as well as the security guards to ensure uninterrupted supply.
  • By making the water levels and tanks visible to everyone, WaterApp reduces the organization’s dependence on a single member.

How different is it from a flow meter?

  • Flow meters are analog instruments that calculate volume based on the flow of the water that has passed through a certain pipe. Installation of flow meters requires cutting of pipes.
  • WaterApp sensors are smart IoT based water level sensors that are inserted into water tanks and wells. They do not require any pipe cutting. WaterApp sensors give you a more holistic picture of your water with info such as water levels, volume, usage and other analytics.


I do not have network coverage in my farm, will it still work?

Yes. WaterApp has been used by farmers whose farm is completely off the grid. Our infrastructure has been designed to work in all network situations.

My tanks are in the basement. There is no sunlight or connectivity there. Will WaterApp work there?

Yes. Our sensors are designed to work on solar power or AC power and to work in all kinds of network situations. 


What kinds of water does WaterApp work with?

WaterApp has been tested and qualified for regular water, hard water and RO outlet water as well. Very soon, we will have sensors that work with ETPs and STPs also.

Can you also show me the quality of water in my tanks on the App?

Yes.  Very soon we will have sensors that will show you TDS and turbidity for your water in the app.

Does it work in other liquids?

This is not currently supported. If you have a specific requirement please contact us.


Is the installation process very complicated?

No.  Installation does not require any pipe cutting or running long wires from anywhere. Typically, we will perform a survey to understand the tank and pipe configuration of your premises. This helps our team to prepare beforehand so that your installation progresses quickly and smoothly.

What is required from our end for installation?

It would be great if you could make sure that a knowledgeable person such as your manager or caretaker is present to guide our team when they come for survey and installation.

Does it work for all sizes and shapes of tank?

Yes.  So far we have come across tanks with many different shapes and sizes and our sensors have worked with all.

My tank is located at a height. It is very difficult to reach it. Would it be possible to install your sensors there?

Yes. Our team is specially trained and equipped for such installations.


My borewell is really deep. Will WaterApp work?

Yes. Our borewell sensors are customized as per the depth of your wells.

My well is really old/ has little water/ is fully covered by a net. Will WaterApp work?

Yes. None of the above are issues for our sensors. 


Is it very difficult to maintain the water sensor and related equipment?

No. Equipment does not require any maintenance from your side at all.

What about service and support?

Our product comes with a 1 year warranty. In case of any trouble with WaterApp, please drop us a message via the whatsapp button on our website and we will resolve your issue. We take our support function very seriously.

How do I go about getting WaterApp?

Please fill this form.

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