The Internet of Water

WaterApp digitizes and displays all your water info on a single app.

Unique, groundbreaking water technology that innovates every step of the way. 
In Step 1, we  measure water, digitize the data and upload it to the cloud. In Step 2, we analyze and display the data it so that its easy for everyone to use.

Solid Water Technology that works



Surface water, ground water, grey water, tanks, reservoirs and more



Indoor, outdoor, basement, sunny, shady, rainy areas and others



Rural, urban, remote, no power, no network locations and the rest

How does water management system technology work?


Innovation at every step !

IoT Devices

  • Level Sensors
  • Flow Meters
  • Water Meters
  • TDS/ Quality  Sensors
  • Energy Meters
  • D.W.L.R.


  • Wireless 
  • Mesh Design
  • Solar/ AC/ Battery
  • GSM/RF/WiFi
  • Single gateway supports 20+ end devices


  • Real Time
  • Built in intelligence for water saving practices
  • Data and Analytics
  • Visualization


  • Easy to Use; Image based
  • Andriod + iPhone Apps
  • Web Console
  • Role based access

Water Management Solutions

1. Tank Monitoring

For Housing Societies and Commercial Buildings

Tank Monitoring
  • Eliminate manual monitoring 
  • Prevent overflows and dry taps
  • Entire water situation available on your phone
  • Detailed water volume and usage on 24/7/365 basis

2. Pump Automation

For Residential and Industrial Sector

Pump Automation
  • Automatic pump On/Off based on configured levels
  • Built in intelligence for water saving – pressure management, seasonal adjustments
  • Operate pump from mobile
  • Supply preset volume to each tank

3. Tanker Monitoring

For those using Tanker Services

Tanker Monitoring
  • Accurate measurement of water received
  • Real time TDS monitoring
  • Immediate volume display on site and notifications to multiple phones
  • Tanker log – weekly/ monthly log 

4. Water Quality Monitoring

  For Residential and Industrial Use

Water Quality Monitoring
  • Monitor efficiency of STP/ WTP 
  • Real time TDS Monitoring
  • Periodic water quality testing for bacteria, coliform and other dissolved minerals
  •  Reminders for tank cleaning
  • Water quality record on your phone
    • TDS levels
    • Water quality test results
    • Tank cleaning log

5. Groundwater Monitoring - DWLR

For Bore wells, Researchers, NGOs

Ground Water Monitoring
  • For bore wells/ tube wells up to 400 feet
  • See inside your borewell
  • Understand the recoup rate and time
  • Increase yield of your borewell
  • Useful for researchers: log data onto the cloud
  • Comprehensive data and charts on app/ desktop

6. Pump/ Energy Monitoring

For Researchers and Industries

Pump/ Energy Monitoring
  • Understand pump efficiency
  • Eliminate manual monitoring of energy meters
  • Get a full profile of pump characteristics such as:
    • Pumping rate
    • Pump efficiency at different heads
    • Pump energy consumption
    • Regular pump vs. standby pump working duration
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