RO Water Quality Tracking

With WaterApp, a grocery center ensures that the water supplied to the butchery and veggie unit is safe.

Big basket install

Grocery Warehouse's Water Map

Water Tank
2 Tanks
bore well
1 Borewell
RO filter
1 RO Unit
1 Pump
Manual Operation

WaterApp Configuration

Mobile App
TDS probe
Water Quality Sensor
well sensor
1 Well Sensor
1 Gateway
2 Visibility Sensors

WaterApp Benefits

Assured Water Quality
Increased Productivity
Single Dashboard for all Water Operations

Issues Faced

  • RO operation is critical as Ro water is used in the butchery & veggie unit.  
  • Ro water quality monitoring is done intermittently.
  • If RO usage is not planned properly, production suffers.
  • Staff takes physical rounds to ensure availability.
  • Frequent overflows spoil produce. Cleaning wastes manpower.
  • Excessive monthly water bill. Cannot monitor RO backwash.
  • There is no predictability for the borewell hence tanker ordering is inefficient.

“Thanks to WaterApp, I can ensure that our butchery and veggies unit is getting safe water at all times.”

Nishant Nepram, Plant Supervisor, Online Grocery Store, Pune

How did WaterApp Help?

  • Continuous TDS Monitoring: WaterApp Quality Sensor shows TDS level in real time.
  • Cost Saved; no production delays and overflows.
  • Increased productivity– no more manual tank monitoring.
  • Production planning– better scheduling for butchery, veggie ops.
  • A way to track RO backwash for efficient functioning.
  • Borewell visibility takes guesswork out of tanker ordering.
  • Management gets a water centric view of operations per site.
  • Can project water costs and standardize water usage/ operation.

Coming Soon

Smart Automation
Tanker Measurement
Role based Access
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