Reliable IoT Water Level Sensors

KTG Housing Society has put an end to all its water emergencies with WaterApp


KTG's Water Map

Manual Operation
3 Pumps
3 Under Ground Tanks
6 Overhead Tanks

WaterApp Configuration

3 Visibility Sensors
3 Advanced Sensors
1 Gateway
Mobile App

WaterApp Benefits

No Overflows
Water Saved
Self Reliant for Water Operation
No Dry Taps

Issues Faced

  • Tank and pump operation is known to only one staff member.
  • They face water trouble every time he takes time off.
  • Daily tank overflows cause lot of water wastage.
  • When they do not receive enough water from the municipality, there is no clear data for decisions such as how many tankers to order and when to order them.

“I do not have to depend on unreliable staff as I can see all water info on my phone. All our water emergencies have ended since we got WaterApp.”

Rohit Rajguru, Manager, KTG Hsg Soc., Pune

How did WaterApp Help?

  • Configuration of all tanks is available on everyone’s phone.
  • See how much water is available at any time.
  • Receive critical alerts such as water level LOW or FULL to take timely action.
  • Past and present data help tanker ordering and paying decisions.
  • WaterApp is simple enough for other staff to use in the absence of the particular member.
  • The Management Committee is relieved that they are no longer dependent on anyone.

Coming Soon

Smart Automation
Water Quality Sensors
Tanker Measurement System
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