Reduce Water Consumption Case Study

A housing society reduced their water consumption by 30% with WaterApp


Solitaire Residency's Water Map

21 Overhead Tanks
3 Under Ground Tanks
bore well
7 Borewells
3 Pumps
Manual Operation

WaterApp Configuration

well sensor
1 Borewell Sensor
Mobile App
3 Advanced Sensors
1 Gateway
14 Visibility Sensors

WaterApp Benefits

30% Reduced Consumption
Zero Tankers
Increased Borewell Yield

Issues Faced

  • They do not receive enough water from the corporation and need to call in 6-7 tankers daily.
  • They have a set schedule for pumping water up into 21 tanks for all of their 7 towers. They do not have any visibility into how much water is available in each tank.
  • They have 7 bore wells on their premises. They do not have visibility of when the borewell recovers.
  • They order tankers as per a set schedule and not as per requirement as they have no visibility into their sump tanks.
  • They do not know the hardness levels or the quality of water they are receiving.

“From a requirement of 6-7 tankers daily, our society went down to zero tankers!! No water cuts, just smarter management. Kudos to the WaterApp team!”

Abhijit Patil, Management Committee Member, Pune

How did WaterApp Help?

  • Water Saving: They are able to see the water available in each tank and pump water on an as needed basis. They are able to reduce consumption by 30%, on a monthly basis.
  • Increase Borewell Yield: They can see the recoup rate and time of their borewell and are drawing more out of their borewell.
  • Reduced Tankers: They have reduced their tanker requirement to zero from a previous need of 6-7 tankers per day.
  • Tanker Ordering decisions are very easy to make.

Coming Soon

Smart Automation
Water Quality Monitoring
Tanker Measurement System
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