Know Your Water

A Water Warrior's Guide To Water Management

Know Your Water

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Smart Water Management for Housing and Industrial Complexes

In this E-book you will get to know about:

  • What are the different components used in the water operations of a complex?
  • How to care for the health of your water and tanks?
  • How to foster ‘water responsible’ behavior among members?
  • How can technology enable smooth and efficient water management?
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Current Water Management System

Residential water management has not seen much innovation since the eighties and happens mainly in the reactive mode…..

IoT tech, a natural fit for Water Management

Technology provides a superior solution for water management as it helps to track our consumption and eliminate manual errors …..

Water Tank Cleaning: How often should you do it?

Water tanks are an extension of our water system and play an important role in maintaining the health of our family. Just like we service our water filters regularly …..

Equipment for Water Management and Measurement

We present different water management equipment with pros and cons of each so that users can choose what is right for them….

Water Saving Tips for Housing Societies

Housing societies are the perfect platform to motivate residents to pay attention to water and how to reduce consumption Here are some tips.…..

Individual Water Metering – Is it practical?

Individual water meters enable communities to bill residents for their water consumption. While, this sounds like a simple solution, it can get very tricky .…..

Measuring The Volume Of Water In A Water Tank

Water Management begins with Measurement. For any water saving practices to become effective, it is important to first measure the volume of water received, used and available. …..

Water Quality determines Life Quality

Water comes from multiple sources. Its quality varies from place to place depending on the source of water and the treatment it receives. …..

The Water Tanker Ecosystem

The current tanker water is a huge mess resulting in price gorging and abuse to environment. There is a lot of scope to regularize this market …..

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