IoT Remote Water Management

A resort owner is free to track resort occupancy and water operations from anywhere with WaterApp

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Gaaz Resort's Water Map

2 Overhead Tanks
1 Fresh Water Well
Manual Operation
1 Pump

WaterApp Configuration

2 Visibility Sensors
well sensor
1 Well Sensor
1 Gateway
Mobile App

WaterApp Benefits

No Overflows
Increased Yield from Well
No Dry Taps
No Inconvenience to Guests
Manage Remotely
Freed up Owner's Time

Issues Faced

  • Resort is operated by the local caretaker. Owner lives in Mumbai and has very little window into what’s happening.
  • All water needs are met by the dug well on the premises.
  • In summer time, the well level is low and unpredictable.
  • As it is close to the beach, guests shower often and the overhead tank suddenly runs dry which is inconvenient.
  • Owner wants to build a fruit garden and additional rooms but does not know if water requirements will be met by the well.

“With WaterApp I can gauge the occupancy and water situation of my resort from anywhere. It has freed up my time considerably.”

sharad parulekar
Sharad Parulekar, Owner, Gaaz Resort, Goa

How did WaterApp Help?

  • Owner is able to monitor water usage and know resort occupancy from Mumbai.
  • The water in the well has become visible.
    • Helps to pump efficiently (maximize recovery rate)
    • Water issues in summers have become manageable
  • The manager receives water alerts in advance so he can take timely actions to ensure uninterrupted supply to guests.
  • Owner is very happy with WaterApp as he has clear visibility of water and can plan accordingly.

Coming Soon

Smart Automation
Water Quality Sensors
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