Instrumentation Water Balance Model

Sitting in their office, researchers created an accurate Water Balance Model of an area with WaterApp


Current Area's Water Map

bore well
1 Borewell
1 Pump
Manual Operation

WaterApp Configuration

well sensor
Well Sensor
1 Gateway
Mobile App

WaterApp Benefits

Real time Data
Data Logging and Sharing
Remote Monitoring

Issues Faced

  • CGWB (Central Ground Water Board) needs to monitor levels of observation wells in different locations to understand area wise groundwater levels. Helps in drought water policy decisions.
  • Requires sending staff with expensive instruments to the site to take physical readings.
  • Continous monitoring is not possible.
  • Cannot detect and measure impact of rains, floods etc.
  • Data corroboration, look up, logging and sharing is inconvenient.

How did WaterApp Help?

  • First of its kind instrumentation for continuous and remote groundwater measurement.
  • Cost and Manpower Saving: No more site visits + Affordable Instruments (theft proof).
  • Real time rain detection enables administration to react quickly.
  • Productivity Gains: Data corroboration, look up, logging, sharing.
  • Can create a more accurate Water Balance Model.

Coming Soon

Combining WaterApp data with available datasets for water, weather, geology, and GIS.
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